CIAC 1991: Workshop

The main workshop of the 1991 CIAC, on Age, Growth and Population Structure, was held at the National Science Museum Tokyo, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, Japan from the 8th – 13th of July, 1991.

Organizer: Takashi Okutani

Secretariat: Tsunemi Kubodera and Susumu Segawa

The informations presented here is abridged from the following reference. Full workshop descriptions, with transcriptions of session discussions, can be found in: Recent Advances in Cephalopod Fisheries Biology: Contributed Papers to 1991 CIAC International Symposium and Proceedings of the Workshop on Age, Growth and Population Structure. (1993). T. Okutani, R. K. O’Dor, & T. Kubodera (Eds.). Tokai University Press: Tokyo, Japan, 752 pp.

After a welcome address by the Organizer, Prof. Takashi Okutani, the three sessions of the workshop were held in a round-table fashion. Each session consisted of keynote speeches by the discussion leaders and then went into either informal presentations or free discussion. Keynote speeches and transcribed discussions surrounding presentations for all of the workshop sessions can be found in the above reference.

Session 1. Age

Discussion Leaders: Y. Natsukari and S. v. Boletzky

Recorder: M. R. Clarke

Session 2. Growth

Discussion Leaders: W. C. Summers and T. Kubodera

Recorder: F. G. Hochberg

Session 3. Population Structure

Discussion Leaders: R. O’Dor and H. Hatanaka

Recorder: C. F. E. Roper