CIAC 2003 – Phuket, Thailand

The 2003 CAC Symposium was held in Phuket, Thailand, 19th – 21st February 2003, under the theme Biology, Recruitment and Culture of Cephalopods.
The main symposium was preceded by four workshops on 17th & 18th February on Developing Standards for Modeling and Describing Cephalopod Growth; Octopus Taxonomy; Idiosepius: Ecology, Biology and Biogeography of a Mini-maximalist; and Systematics of Indo West Pacific Loliginids.

*The colour version of the logo is from a beautifully hand-painted sheet that hung at the conference venue.


CIAC 2003 Programme and book of Abstracts

Special Issues

International Workshop and Symposium CIAC 2003 Biology, Recruitment and Culture of Cephalopods, 17-21 February 2003, Phuket, Thailand. Phuket marine biological Center Resesarch Bulletin, vol 66 (2005)


Thanks to Jaruwat Nabhitabhata for these photos.

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