CIAC 2018 – St. Petersburg, Florida, USA

2018-stpetersburg-logoThe 2018 CIAC Symposium was held in St. Petersburg, Florida, USA 12th – 16th November 2018, under the theme Cephalopod Research Across Scales: From Molecules To Ecosystems. The main symposium was preceded by five workshops on 10th & 11th November, 2018 on Genetic tools and live imaging of cephalopods; Paralarval and juvenile cephalopods – an updated identification guide; Hard structures of cephalopods and their publication in your field of study; The biogeochemical role of cephalopods in the World’s oceans; Cephalopod science – the direction of future research and the relevance of new policies.


Public Poster
Book of Abstracts

Conference Photo


Lifetime Achievement Awards

The 2018 CIAC Lifetime Achievement Awards were awarded to:

Dr. Bernd Ulrich Budelmann [awarded in absentia]

Dr. Marek Lipinksi [awarded in absentia]

Dr. Mike Vecchione

Dr. Erica Vidal presenting the award to Dr. Mike Vecchione

Student Awards

The 2018 CIAC Conference Student Presentation Awards were awarded to:

Poster Presentation: Celso Cedillo-Robles, “Shallow water octopuses from Mexico

Oral Presentation: Owen Nichols, “Offshore influences on inshore squid: linkages between water mass dynamics and Doryteuthis pealeii distribution”

Lightning Talk: Kieran Murphy, Cephalopod community trophic ecology in relation to body-size in an oceanic system

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Outreach Event Gallery

A selection of the photos of the public outreach event provided by Heather Judkins, leader of the CIAC 2018 team.

Conference Gallery

A selection of the photos of the conference provided by Heather Judkins, leader of the CIAC 2018 team.

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