CIAC Website History

c. 2002 – c. 2006: The BAS Site

The first CIAC website was hosted on the British Antarctic Survey in c. 2002. It was designed and managed by Dr. Paul Rodhouse and built and maintained by Dr. Andy Wood. It served to describe the goals and actions of the Council, including conferences and workshops, and provided a directory of active members of the cephalopod research community. This website has been recreated and archived here.

BAS site

c. 2006 – 2016: The University of Aberdeen Site

In c. 2006,  a new CIAC website was built by Dr. Graham Pierce and hosted by the University of Aberdeen. It was maintained by Graham and acted as a source of news for the cephalopod research community. The news section from the Aberdeen site has been preserved on the news archive page here, and much of the information contained in other pages been distributed throughout this site.


2015 – 2018: The CIAC WordPress site

At the Council meetings held in Brazil during CIAC 2012, Paul Rodhouse made a presentation expressing a need for a new, more dynamic website.  Several council members agreed to look into this and, soon after, CIAC expanded its social media presence with a new Facebook page and Twitter account.  But with limited funds and time available no progress was made towards developing a new website.  The web landscape changed dramatically during the next three years however, with the creation of personal websites becoming ever easier.  Hence, just prior to the CIAC Conference in Hakodate, a new test site was created in WordPress by Dr. Louise Allcock, to demonstrate to council what might easily be achieved. Given that the Aberdeen website was no longer being regularly updated, and was at risk of being lost because Graham Pierce had moved on, it was agreed that a Wordpress site should be developed as the main website for CIAC. After a call for assistance at the Hakodate conference, Casey Zakroff volunteered to assist in the maintenance of the site. Currently, Louise and Casey work together to build and maintain this site.


2018 – present: A new domain

Following the 2018 CIAC triennial meeting in St Petersburg, Florida, Heather Judkins, host of that meeting, paid from the meeting funds for an upgrade to our WordPress plan, allowing us to have a new domain name:

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