Article Contribution Guidelines

We welcome content contributions from the cephalopod research community in the forms outlined below (templates are provided). Please send your articles to the web team (


Cephalopod News

Cephalopod news articles can be submitted in two forms:

Short Features (300 words max) are small, digestible bites of cephalopod news – a quick, interesting update. Anything cephalopod and cephalopod research related falls into this category, e.g. cool ceph sightings, symposium announcements, book announcements, outreach presentations/videos, lab/research openings, etc.

Short Feature Template

Long Features (1200 words max) are descriptive, but still concise, documents akin to a typical newspaper article. Any cephalopod and cephalopod research related stories are welcome as a Long Feature, e.g. lab or project descriptions, ceph news, events, & happenings, funny/interesting stories of ceph research or fieldwork, etc. Descriptions of research activities and the latest findings/recent publications are welcome as long as they are written in a more colloquial news-like fashion for a more general scientific audience and do not self-plagiarize or infringe upon the copyright of published materials.

Long Feature Template


Descriptions of Cephalopod-related Conferences & Sessions

An overall Conference Description (1200 words max) is a general account of the experience of attending a cephalopod or cephalopod-related conference or symposium.

Conference Description Template

A Conference Session Description is a more specific account of a cephalopod-related or focused conference session, including summaries of each talk in the series.

Conference Session Description Template


Biographies of Cephalopod Researchers

In order to improve access to information on cephalopod researchers not just for the CIAC community, but for all, CIAC encourages biographies on historically notable cephalopod researchers to be written with the intent of submission to Wikipedia. If you are interested in writing a Researcher Biography for CIAC, please contact the web team ( and we will coordinate with you on producing your article and publishing it on Wikipedia (see also: Wikipedia: Your first article).

Researcher Biography Template



Danna Staaf – Substantially improved the Wikipedia entry for Adolf Naef

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