President: Dr Louise Allcock
Secretary: Dr Natalie Moltschaniwskyj

Council Members:
Hideaki Kidokoro
Dirk Fuchs
Erica Vidal
Carmen Yamashiro
Kotaro Tsuchiya
*Henk Jan Hoving
Natalie Moltschaniwskjy
Mike Roberts
Xiadong Zheng
Sasha Arkhipkin
Patrizia Jereb
Kat Bolstad
Louise Allcock
Paco Bustamante
Vlad Laptikhovsky
Annie Lindgren
*Chris Talbot
Mike Vecchione

Reserve Members:
Frank Anderson
*Michelle Staudinger
Jean Paul Robin
Jose Eduard A.R. Marian
Begona Santos

*Early Career Researchers

Honorary Life Members:
Sigurd von Boletzky
Eric Hochberg
Chung-Cheng Lu
John B. Messenger
Chingis Nigmatullin
Takashi Okutani
Angel Guerra
Marion Nixon
Nancy Voss
Andrew Packard
Clyde Roper
Richard E. Young

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