CIAC 2022 – Sesimbra, Portugal

2022-portugal-logoThe 2022 CIAC Symposium was held in Sesimbra, Portugal, 4th – 8th April 2022, under the theme Cephalopods in the Anthropocene: multiple challenges in a changing ocean.

More information can be found at the conference website:

The main symposium was preceded by five workshops on 2nd & 3rd April 2022:

Workshop 1: “Cephalopod macroecology and biogeography”.
Lead organizers: Christian Ibáñez and Rui Rosa (more info here)

Workshop 2: “Collection, handling and care of cephalopod eggs and egg masses”.
Lead organizers: Roger Villanueva, Anne-Sophie Darmaillacq, Michael Kuba (more info here)

Workshop 3: “The role of cephalopods as predators and prey: the relevance of cephalopod beaks in ecological studies”.
Lead organizers: José Xavier, Yves Cherel, Alexey Golikov, José Queirós, Catalina Perales-Raya, Rigoberto Rosas-Luis, Begoña Santos (more info here)

Workshop 4: “Cephalopod genomics and evolution”.
Lead organizers: Oleg Simakov and Caroline Albertin (more info here)

Workshop 5: “Cephalopod digestive tract”.
Lead organizers: Paul Andrews and Carlos Rosas (more info here)

CIAC 2022 Sesimbra, Portugal, group photo
Nancy Voss Memorial Fund awardees together with CIAC president for the term 2018-2022 Heather Judkins.
From left to right Cassady Olsen, Heather Judkins, Gareth Fee, Nidhi Vijayan
Conference organizer Rui Rosa at the podium
Poster session
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